Tai started his comedy career while working in customer service at AT&T. He was in his late 20s and felt like his life was coming to an end. He started going to open mics after his shift and became addicted to the craft.

A year in he started co-hosting a weekly comedy showcase every Friday at Coldtowne Theater. He hit multiple open mics per night to hone his one-hour special titled “Pigeon Confetti.”

He then shot the stand-up special Pigeon Confetti at The Statesides Paramount in Austin, TX to a sold-out crowd of 300 attendees. 

Tai then went to headline comedy shows in different cities in the United States. He performed at The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Sketch Fest in San Francisco, and Out of Bounds Comedy Fest.

Tai appeared in Doug Stanhope’s podcast Ep.#337 under the name Dong, a nickname that Doug gave him after the Vietnamese Dollar.

Tai went on to create several notable comedy shows such as The Fate of the Hilarious, The Most Racist Comedian Competition, and The Mullet Comedy Show.

Tai did the unthinkable in 2018. He turned his living room into a comedy club and started throwing weekly open mics and showcases. In 2022, Tai recorded a crowd work special titled Live from Pflugerville in his living room. And another comedy special titled “Work From Home Comedian” in his living room also.

Last modified: February 28, 2023

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